Nov 29, 2009

Gratitude Monday....

This too shall pass.

I am grateful for my lovely Thanksgiving Weekend.  I am grateful that even as we face a long week of challenges, I know that this too shall pass.  By this time next week we'll be (for better or for worse) in a whole new mentality.  That may not sound very cheery, but honestly, I am truly grateful for the passage of time.  The same marching on of the changing clock that I hold in contempt as I watch my babies grow so fast.  The same swiftly passing days, months, and seasons that I try so hard to slow down to savor.  As I pack away fall to bring out christmas I also pack my family for a trip to Tucson.  A trip we've made countless times yet this time to face new obstacles, and fears.

I may not be able to post much, if any in the coming days.  I will be spending my days in the hospital with my mother, while my babies and husband wait for my return every night.  My hope is that I may have a few joyful images of sunshine and play to add.  A reminder of the brilliance of my life, for me, and for this blog that lets face it, has been borderline dreary these past few weeks.

Let's not forget the reason of gratitude Monday.  A moment to focus on the good, the great, the little things that make my heart sing.....

~9 weeks down, and 31ish to go. 
~The size of a grape!
~Christmas in my home
~My baby girl looks so much like a little girl.  She is breath taking.
~My baby boy took an entire bottle of my $30 face moisturiser and put it in his hair after bed time.  Not so gratitude inspiring, but when he says "mama.  I saved you a little bit.  Look inside!"  He was so proud to have done my that favor, well, I could hardly stop myself from thanking him!
~My darling partner.  For the movie, the afternoon of quiet, and for the clams!

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