Nov 23, 2009

A trip to the front yard

In my Arizona suburb our front yards aren't really made for being in.  They are landscaped for looking at while driving, walking or riding past. 
But every once in a while you find that being in the front yard is such a busy place to explore, a whole new world.

Each of my children together in the same space, at the same time having a unique experience.
She was foraging, collecting specimens of interest, and beauty.   Carefully arranging her treasures, removing petals from plants, leaf from stems, and seeds from pods.

He was busy in a different capacity.
 There was important work to be done.  Ladders were climbed, lights were strung, his assistance was vital.
He counted the light bulbs, named their colors, renamed the whole process "christmas trees on houses" due, I think to a confusing image on one of the boxes.

Even our bees were as busy as ever.

I took pictures, while Matt completed the task of bedecking our home with holiday cheer.  Each of us had our own perspective, together, in our front yard

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