Nov 9, 2009

An edible update....

Exciting things are happening in our backyard.  As I have mentioned in the past, our goal for our back yard is to landscape completely edible.  So far we have.

We started our adventure in January of this year with a few trees.  Summer was intense.  We had some decent results, but overall we, being very novice gardeners, succumbed to the hottest driest summer in recent years.  Imagine the fun we are having now!  Autumn, and Winter are wonderful times to garden in Arizona.   Some things were planted in summer, and survived, some things we added as transplants, some from seed, some from bulb, a few we're still waiting to sprout.

Here's a little update on what our yard holds now.....
~Myer lemon tree
~Anna apple tree
~Valencia orange tree

~3 kinds of grape vines
~Globe artichoke


~Sweet basil
~Purple basil
~Italian parsley
~Purple sage
~Green bell pepper
~Roma tomato
~Cherry tomato
~Green onion
~Walla Walla Sweet Onion
~2 types of broccoli
~Snow peas
~Sugar snap peas
~ Spinach
~5 types of leaf lettuce
~Rainbow carrots
~Swiss Chard
~Golden beets!!!

This is SO MUCH FUN!!!




cherry tomatoes 

roma tomatoes 

bell pepper

walla walla onions 


spinach, lettuces, and peas 

green bunch onions 


Here's to working with the earth to grow something thats beautiful and tastey! 

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ninja480 said...

This is so awesome. Candice and I wish we had our own place to make a permanent garden.

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