Apr 26, 2013

Week in Homeschool #29

Arbor Day.

Trees.  A place for: Shade, fairy homes, swings, climbing, gathering, resting, food, shelter, tails, adventure, exploring, getting lost, being found, cooling off, sticks, birds, squirrels, wind, fruits, flowers, change, stability, poets, and scientists, strength, and flexibility.

Apr 21, 2013

Week in Homeschool # 28

This week our theme was Earth Day! 

Following this week was a scheduled week off from school, giving us plenty of time to talk about this day, a day that is pretty important to my family.  We were so very fortunate to hear about an exciting local event Earth Day Stinson Beach.  A day of celebrating nature on the beach with local artists creating with found objects.  Singing, dancing and exploring.  It was perfect. 

Week in Homeschool #27

This week our theme was Baby Ducks, Bunnies and Lambs...

ya.  That didn't exactly happen.  You see, the weather was A-mazing.  We still worked math, spelling, and phonics, and the rest, as we so often do, we let go.  We let go and just enjoyed being home together!

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