Sep 30, 2009

Getting started

This is my first blog post in almost 5 years. I started this blog as a brand new mother, with the intention of sharing photos. I had no idea that being a brand new mother, I was completely incapable of doing something so ambitious! I would like to give it another go; share photos, share a piece of my life. I am incredibly blessed with two little ones, Ava and Cyrus. I am very excited to watch them grow, and to share my experiences with you! I am looking for a place to store this time in my life. I want very much to live in the now, and I am looking to keep a record of my days in early motherhood. Let's see how this goes, shall we?

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East Bay, California, United States
I am a thirty something mother of three. Hoping to raise my little ones to love the the slower things in life.