Nov 18, 2009

A day off...

Please excuse the interruption of tenor in my little blog.  I try to write about what I find beautiful in my life as a mother.  However, somedays life creeps in and throws a handful in your face, and you have the choice to handle things with a) grace, humor, and love (good option), or b)  not changing out of your pajamas, and avoid using socially acceptable hygiene (not a super option).    Presently my mood looks a little like this...

 Eeek, that will not do.  When I need to slip out of my own head I usually turn to mindless escapism novels.   Another favorite mood altering activity is browsing through the many many many blogs I have bookmarked.  Ok, lets be honest, wine is a really good one too, but as I am in a delicate condition.... 
Allow me to present to you some very pretty links ......

A Fanciful Twist

This blog is amazing.  A visual feast.  So colorful, and absolutely will not let you down fanciful.    Often after perusing through her pages I will find my self so impressed, like mouth hanging open impressed.  There is so much.  And not to sound like a geological biggot, but she lives in small border town Arizona.  That trips me out.  So much to see at her house, I feel like she must really be squirreled away at an artist community.  Also, and I am being a complete ageist here... judging by her pictures she is way younger than me. 

Nectar & Light

Her Polaroid photography is so soothing.  Looking through her work is like taking a long sip of warm tea, taking in a nice deep breath, or jumping into a cool pool on a hot day.  There is a calming effect to her vision. 

Shutter Sisters

Another photo blog.  This one inspires me in a very deep way.  It's a collaborative blog that brings women together.  "Shutter Sisters is committed to honoring and celebrating the beauty that women behind cameras can capture. We embrace the belief that we are all creative equals, eager to share with one another our work; our art. It is in that sharing that we thrive and grow not only in our creativity but in all facets of our lives."

6 Year Med

I wasn't planning on putting this blog on my shinny happy list.  It is simply  not shinny nor happy.  It is very real.  Its a blog by a woman, who is a med student.  Her stories are often heart wrenching, sometimes funny, some are gritty, and some are uplifting.  A few are even boring.  Its just her life, and stories she encounters at work.  This blog has been so important for me for just over a year now for quite a few reasons,.  One, I need to remember that there is a human side, a good human face to western allopathic medicine.  That there are modern day heroes, just doing their job.  And two, the biggest and most important, my life is so good.  It is sparkly and magnificent and I have healthy babies.   Hers is truly a blog worth supporting.  I read the entries out loud over the phone to my sister every few weeks.  It all started a while ago when I followed some now unknown links that led me to her page, and this story in particular.  I have read this story to countless people, and never with out crying.  I would like to add that I am not someone who actively seeks a sad story.  I typically avoid books or movies that are going to make me sad, I don't watch Oprah, or medical dramas.  There is something about Danielle's writing that is simple, relatable, and brings me back for more.

I would like to thank all of you, my friends and family for supporting me through this crazy little journey life has us on right now. 

Here's to tomorrow being a different day, and me getting in the shower, and getting my camera out!!!!

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