May 17, 2013

Week in Homeschool #32

This weeks theme was Garden.  To be fair, I should disclaim that these pictures are not over the course of one week, rather several.  Gardening up here in the bay area has been a continued experiment.  We've learned that seeds put in the ground will get gobbled up by mice, and seeds sprouted at toddler height will get handled excessively.  We also have started playing around with a few different compost options.  We're working on it. 

 As I write this (July 15th) I'm kicking myself.  Last week we had a gloriously large tomato harvest, and I didn't take a single photo.  Whoops.

May 15, 2013


I'm waaaay behind on posts, I know this.  But I just needed to share my little boy.  Sick with a cold, playing in a clown suit that was made by my mother-in-law 25-35 years ago.  (I can't remember who wore it first!)

Whether or not he wears it on Halloween still remains to be seen.  Today he says he wants to be a "gentleman".  We've got loads of time for decisions to be made.  But, for today, he's one adorable little clown.  (while it lasted)

May 10, 2013

Week in Homeschool #31

This week our theme was Flowers, so we took a trip to the San Fransisco Flower Mart.  This is was something that I'd been looking forward to for a long time.  Rows and rows, and rooms and rooms of flowers brought fresh in from the farms that morning.  My only regret is that I didn't take more pictures!

May 4, 2013

May Day/ Week in Homeshcool #30

We attended the May Faire at the local Waldorf school.  May Queen, egg toss, picnic, flower crowns, beautiful white dresses, and a grand may pole.  This is Ava's kind of holiday, for sure.

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