Nov 19, 2009

Thank Goodness For Good Neighbors!

This little guy is just what we needed!  He was out for his walk this morning, and followed our wondering cat right to our door step.  His surprise visit (along with his mother) lifted the mood in the house in such a vital way.  We enjoyed his company, as he enjoyed ours.  When it turned to lunch, snack, nap time we vowed to continue later in the day at our neighbors house.  And what a house they have!

There is swinging.... 






And Snacking!

(There is also a nice large pool when the weather permits, 9ish months out of the year...)

I am so grateful for mine.
I was able to fulfill most of my wish list for today, largely due to the unexpected help of my neighbors.
I showered, got dressed,  put on makeup, changed my overall attitude, and got out my camera.  Sometimes the little things we take for granted in our usual day can seem like such a blessing when our lives are faced with trauma.
She even helped me pick up my house when she saw how in disarray (read disaster area) it was this morning. 
An impromptu play date, a great time, an invaluable lesson on how great a neighbor can be.
Thank you so much Neighbors!!!!

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heather said...

i am glad you got a little Amanda so deserve those moments! I love you..

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