Jan 28, 2010

Friday's Nature Table

 Last week my family brought a picnic to the Rio Salado River Park.   A habitat restoration area. 

According to the website, once a dump site,  the area is now a lush riparian corridor with five miles of trails.

  The trails are a great place for bird watching. 

 The Phoenix Audubon Society has their offices here.

We brought sandwiches on home made bread, fresh squeezed lemon aid, and warm from the oven oatmeal cookies for dessert.  I love finding hidden treasures close to home, and I love me a good picnic!  As an added bonus I now get to cross one thing off my 1001 things list!  A total win.

The park's news letter mentions that they have a beaver that has taken up residence.  Who knew you could have a beaver in Phoenix.  Right next to down town Phoenix no less.

  We had fun looking for signs of beaver damage, spotting white fluffy bunny tails, listening to humming birds fly over head, and taking the trails.

  I highly recommend a visit to this park to any local family.  Its really a unique Phoenix attraction, and I am looking forward to our next visit in the spring!

Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing together us together to share our love of nature.

Jan 27, 2010

How we do rain....

Last week ended with three rainy days for us.  I love rain, my children love rain.  I love to get out and be in it.  My children also love to get out and be in it.  This is how we did our three days of rain....

Day One.
A light sprinkle.






Day Two.
Heavier rain to wet our faces.











Day Three.
Real Puddles to play in.  Maybe too much....



That last puddle was too big For Cyrus.  Now his "sock gloves" are all wet.  He went inside for a warm bath after this.


People say that if I moved back to the Pacific North West that I wouldn't enjoy the rain so much.
I don't think so.

Jan 26, 2010

I had a quiet day today.
The laundry hardly touched.
The dishes washed and not put away.
I made my bed.
I read a book.
I drank honey and apple cider vinegar.
I took a bath.

Tomorrow I will clean.
Listen to loud music.
Wash bathroom floors.
Sweep the kitchen.
Clean the mirrors, and sinks.

Tonight I think I'll light a candle.

Here's me hoping that all of you can find a quiet day too.

Two years ago today....

Can you believe I forgot to write a post for today?  Just forgot.  Nice pregnancy brain.

Two years ago today their faces were fatter, their hair was shorter, they were much smaller.  But life was still much the same.  Learning about each other, and how to work together.  Bath time and dress up times filled our afternoons.

Next January Ava will be in school, Cyrus will be three, close to turning four, and we will have a seven month old person to take baths with.  More learning about each other, and how to work together.

Here's to remembering to post, and preparing for life's changes, as much as we are able!

Jan 24, 2010

Gratitude Mondays....

What I love today....

~17 weeks, 23ish to go...

~Winter peas from the garden...

~Preparing for out of town sisters and a new baby to visit....

~Lunch dates with my mother, who brings play dough for my babies...

~New cars to accommodate our growing family...

~Funny movies...

~Matt going to the store in the late hours of night because I need french onion dip...
(side note, I usually don't even LIKE french onion dip)

~Cyrus spontaneously drawing and pointing out letters....

~Ava learning to balance her five year old quest to dominate her brother, with her love of seeing him win sometimes....

~Teen fairy fiction to keep me from reading Wuthering  Heights!

Here's to all of us starting our week off on the right foot!  Happy Monday Everyone!

Jan 21, 2010

When you need to just get out....

What to do when its getting past dinner time, everyone is cranky, and you haven't gone outside for a walk yet?  Picnic!

Load up a pack with sandwiches, apples, popcorn and linens....

Have your pregnant five year old carry the drinks (and spray bottle?)....

Hit the trails!....

Stop to observe late afternoon landscape deliveries that are both interesting and frighteningly loud...

Watch the birds in the sky, listen to the dogs in their yards, feel the air get cooler as everyone enjoys dinner in a grassy field....

Hit the play grounds hard and fast, there is no time to waste (notice her commitment to pregnancy includes wearing her baby in her clothes even as she climbs)....


Head home relaxed and ready for evening rhythm as the sun sets...


Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing us together each Friday with the celebration of nature.

Jan 20, 2010

How pretty is Broccoli?

Is it just because we grew it?  How have I never noticed before?  We eat it all the time, almost every day.  The broccoli I harvested just looks so.... pretty!




The bell peppers aren't too shabby either...  I think I have a crush on our garden.

Here's to lovin' your food, in a good way!

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