Nov 16, 2009

This time... in 2008

This time last year....

Let's take a look shall we?  It amazes me in life the difference a year makes.  So much has changed, so much has stayed the same.  In the first half of November 2008 my family...

Learned that the nesting goose at the library may be very beautiful, but the gander does not take kindly to her being photographed.
They also learned that I am frightened by geese chasing me, and the geese will bite me, and I will try to reason, and then yell at them, while trying desperately not to come to blows with said bird.
They think this is SO funny.  Just last week Ava was telling her father that we "really ought to get the geese to chase mama again"
no, we really don't.

They made up a decorating game for our back yard.  A year ago our yard was barren.  Ava would gather sticks and make beautiful ornaments that her brother would help her hang.

Cyrus went crazy with the orange acrylic paint that he found in my art closet.
He still wears that stained shirt.
I still have orange hand prints in my carpet.

 Ava's hair was so much shorter, her face so much rounder.  She had just turned four.
Five is So Much Older.

I put the finishing touches on my very own stocking.
I designed the pattern, worked so hard, was so proud.  It wasn't until the day I hung it on the wall along with all the other handmade stockings of my family (made by my mother in law) that I realized that mine is facing the opposite way.  In this photo the stocking isn't quite done, and it may be difficult to tell, but yes.  I face to the left, and the rest of my family faces to the right.  So the question is...  Which way should the new baby's stocking face?
It simply never occurred to me that stockings face a certain way.

Thank you for taking a trip back in time a year with me.  Next year our family will be older, and larger.  Every day is an adventure, every month is filled with love, every year is a treasure.


Matthew said...

How many times will it take you to learn that geese will chase you? Don't you remember our trip to WA... You very pregnant with Ava, me holding tiny Aiden... Yes LOTS of geese chased us then too

heather said...

i remember that trip! Amanda and geese are alittle like oil and you!

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