Nov 8, 2009

Gratitude Mondays

What I am grateful for today....

Matt Rana.
I haven't been 100% these last two weeks.  Tired, nauseous, the whole super fun first trimester shebang.
So what does my sweet darling partner do?
He takes the kids to the park of course.  Not just any old neighborhood park either, but the super cool fun one across from the library.  (he also returned some over due books, stopped by the store, and put in a garden bed in our back yard, more on that another day)  What did I do?
I napped, snacked, read, and showered.  Alone.  In the quiet that can only come when you are all alone.  Nothing but the sound of the cool breeze through the windows, and the neighbors mowing their lawn.




He even took pictures for me.

Another thing  that I love?

Sweet sleeping babies.
Sleeping kind of sleep that a day at the park, helping to build a garden, and surprise play dates with neighbors brings.



Here's to you Matt.  Thank you!

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heather said...

What a wonderful man you have..i am grateful for matt too!!

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