Nov 11, 2009

Ladies and Gentle men...

 May I present to you.... Ava.  We have a finger knitter!!  I am so excited for her.  She asked me if she could knit a blanket for her kitten Fiona, I suggested we start with a smaller project.  We sat together and watched two finger knitting videos on Youtube.  I told her I needed to make lunch, we could watch more, and talk about knitting later.  When I looked over toward the living room I saw her there, quietly trying to work it out on her own.  That is her way.  Her crafting path has been one of self exploration.  She sees what she likes, she spends some time in quiet concentration, and she figures it out. 
She is so cool!

Here is to all of us finding our own way! 


vanessa said...

hello. popped over from waking up in bavaria. you have a cute blog. i like the photo of the wheel barrel. super cute.

Kelly said...

Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. How wonderful that your daughter is finger-knitting. I am sure she will have hours and hours of creative fun. Have a lovely weekend.

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