Nov 10, 2009

Sometimes it's there, even if you don't know it.

How often do I complain about the lack of deciduous trees in my little corner of the world?
I remember the brilliant colors of fall from my own childhood.  Autumn is something that is experienced in neighborhoods across the country this time of year, and I lament all the sights, sounds, and smells of fall that my children will miss out on.
The textures of the season, and the gathering of handfuls of leaves.
 Recently I was picking up our home in the middle of a regular day, and I came across one of the many started, and discarded ventures of my son.  As I was scooping up the mess to return the vegetable steamer to the kitchen, I was suddenly aware of what I was cleaning, a eureka moment.
Cyrus had been playing with fall leaves.  At some point he had gathered fallen leaves from under the apple tree.  Collected, played with, and spent time getting to know them. 
They may not be colorful, or plentiful, but they are his to explore.  My children don't need me to be aware of Autumn in our yard in order for them to have their very own fall experience.  They don't need me to notice the signs of fall around them.  They don't need me to be appreciative in order for them to appreciate.
 I need them.

Here's to all of us enjoying what ever piece of Autumn we have, no matter how small.

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5orangepotatoes said...

Love the message in this post! By the way, we may have a lot of deciduous trees here in Ohio, but we can't grow lemon or orange trees in our backyard! Little envious of that!


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