Nov 5, 2009

Friday's Nature Table

Our Thankful Tree

Every year at Thanksgiving we add to our Thankful Tree. 
This tradition started back in 2006, the idea came from Family Fun Magazine.
We start with a tree branch, then add to it paper leaf cutouts for each member of our family to write what they are thankful for, adding their name and the year.
Its that simple.
Hang your leaf on the branch with string or ribbon.  Save the leaves at the end of the season for next year's tree, and watch the memories grow.
Each year now it has been such a blessing to put up our thankful tree and to be reminded of what brings us joy today, and what has brought us joy in the past.

This tree may be a fleeting addition to my nature table, (christmas decorations go up in 21 days!!!)  but the reinforcement of gratitude that it brings is substantial.

Thank you to The Magic Onions for bringing our nature tables together.

Here's to each of us finding this season full of tradition and gratitude


Mama Rose said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing :D

Amanda said...

Thank you Mama Rose!

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