First Grade 2011/12

First Grade should be exciting, interactive, and beautiful.

My Plan:

Weekly Wrap Ups 
~ Week 1                 ~Week 7
~Week 2                  ~Week 8
~Week 3                  ~Week 9
~Week 4                 ~Week 10
~Week 5                 ~Week 11
~Week 6                 ~Week 12

~Week 13               ~Week 19
~Week 14               ~Week 20
~Week 15               ~Week 21
~Week 16               ~Week 22
~Week 17               ~Week 23
~Week 18               ~Week 24

~Week 25               ~Week 29
~Week 26               ~Week 30
~Week 27               ~Week 31
~Week 28               ~Week 32
What we used...
 Right Start Mathematics level B
Games for Math, Peggy Kaye
Language Arts

Spelling Workout level A
Explode the Code
~ Level 1.5
~Level 2
After using Explode the Code for a year and half Ava expressed a great desire to try something new.  We switched mid fall to
~MCP Plaid Phonics A and she's a lot happier.
Willie MacGurkle Primary
Read Aloud ~
Little Bear by Else Homelund Minarik
D'Nealian Home/School Activities grades 1-3


The Important Book
A Journey Through  Time
Swing Around the Sun
Jane Dyer Animal Crackers
In Winter
Old Old Witch
Jack Prelutsky It's Thanksgiving
Little Boy blue and other Rhymes
Read Aloud Rhymes for the very young

Peace (previously called Character Discussion)
*disclaimer: This is an opportunity for us to build vocabulary, and have an open honest dialog about how our choices and behaviors affect our life.  Most of the stories below are parables.  A few of them I Heavily edited so they would work for our family.
How To Behave and Why
Character Counts! 
Tales for a Stormy Day
It's Mine, Leo Leoni
The Rabbit Who Overcame Fear
Just a dream
Great Kapok
Desert Voices, Byrd BaylorThe Other Way to Listen, Byrd Baylor
The Desert is Theirs
Pezzattino, Leo Lioni
Strega Nona, Tomie dePaola
Aesops Fables

Art Study

Come Look With Me...
 ~Exploring Landscapes
 ~Artist at Work
 ~Early America

Social Studies

Continent Boxes (I hope to photograph our box set up and write a post about them someday soon.) 
Life On Earth, the Story of Evolution
Life Story
Flag Lore of All Nations
Usborne Children's Picture Atlas
Usborne Living Long Ago
Scholastic Success With Maps
Sunsets of the West
Wagon Wheels
United States Map to Color
USA 50 State Coloring Pages 
The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding k-2

The Waldorf Kindergarten Snack Book
Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots
Fairytale Feasts
All Year Round
Art Projects from Around the World

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