Nov 2, 2009


Autumn turning into Winter.
In our home we honor eight seasons.
In Arizona I feel the need to give a little extra emphasis on the ever changing seasons because the signs around us are so subtle.
Starting with Spring as our first, we follow with Spring into Summer, Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn, Autumn to Winter, Winter, and lastly Winter to Spring.
Our inspiration came originally from Celebration of the Seasons.
This rhythm suits our lives, and adds something special to our days.
Outside it may be 90*, but inside we are preparing our home, with reverence, and in anticipation for the coming festivities.

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5orangepotatoes said...

Such a good way to see the celebration seasons. We actually do the same, but I haven't seen it as 8 seasons before, although it clearly is.

My Dad's dream is to live in Arizona! He loves heat and would be very envious of at that 90 degrees!

Thank you soooo much for that fantastic link! I had no idea you could make them that way. Would save our hands from drying out. It took us over 3 hours to make 25 balls. Now off to experiment some more!


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