Second Grade 2012/13

 Second Grade.  A time to create.  A time to awaken new passions. 
Our "schedule"

   I usually stick pretty close to this.  But our life, in general does not allow for strict schedules.

Weekly Wrap ups
Summer to Autumn
 ~Week 1          ~Week 7
~Week 2          ~Week 8
~Week 3          ~Week 9
~Week 4          ~Week 10
~Week 5          ~Week 11
~Week 6          ~Week 12

Winter to Spring

~Week 13          ~Week 19
~Week 14          ~Week 20
~Week 15          ~Week 21
~Week 16          ~Week 22
~Week 17          ~Week 23
~Week 18          ~Week 24

Spring to Summer 
~Week 25          ~Week 31 
~Week 26          ~Week 32
~Week 27          ~Week 33 
~Week 28          ~Week 34
~Week 29          ~Week 35
~Week 30          ~Week 36

What we are using

Language Arts
MCP Phonics level B
Spelling Workout level B
English for the Thoughtful Child vol. 1
~Read Aloud~
Little House on the Prairie series
D'Nealian Home/School Activities grades 1-3
Cursive Printouts

Right Start Mathematics level  C

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding

The Story of the World vol 1
The Story of the World Activity Guide vol 1
 Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of the Ancient World
The Usborne book of Living Long Ago, Everyday life though the ages
Continent Boxes

Personal Development
A Flower Fairy Alphabet
Swing Around the Sun
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
~Art Study~
Come look with Me~
    Animals in Art
   World of Play
   Exploring Art with Children
~Foreign Language~
Play and Learn French
The 100+ Series French, reproducible activities
Detective Club
On the Wings of Peace
Old Turtle and the Broken Truth
Amazing Peace, A Christmas Poem
~Nature Study~
Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots
The Handbook of Nature Study
Nature Journal

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