Nov 1, 2009

Gratitude Mondays

 I am truly grateful for.....

~Fruitful Winter Gardens with the beginning harvest just within our sites


~Craft experimentation...

~My girl's unique perspective that we should decorate the pumpkins before baking them

 ~Beeswax crayons....

~and the joyful bees they inspire

~Wild, Willful, Angel Darling, Boys that refuse to hold still or pose for pictures!
(I need to get my good camera back from the shop!!!  This one simply can not keep up with him!)

And mostly...
I am so truly grateful for a partner who will walk toward the unexpected surprises in our lives, holding my hand.
Thank you


suzanne said...

Hello Amanda

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am delighted that I have now found yours. I have many things I am grateful for too.

I wish you a happy day
Warm regards

5orangepotatoes said...

Hi Amanda! Wonderful things to be grateful for! We have been experimenting with wool too. Actually we made little jingle kitty toys out of it.

Have a lovely evening!

Amanda said...

Suzanne, your blog is a treasure, thank YOU!

Thank you Lisa, I should have done what you did with the felt balls!!!

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