Nov 3, 2009

For the love of movement

My tiny dancer

I wanted to take just a moment to share with you today one of the many blessings of living with Ava.
Interpretive dance, and movement.
  She stars in many ballet recitals around here, or as she calls them "Special Ballet Dance Show"s. 
It starts usually with a musical request, anything from Swan Lake, to Brandi Carlile.  While I set up her music, she rushes to get into her costume (or "beautiful ballet outfit").  We have a chest of miscellaneous clothing items, scarfs, and baskets of silks that she chooses from to create the perfect mood.  This lovely purple top is thanks to my sister finding it for twenty five cents at her favorite thrift store.
On very special days she wakes up with a plan in mind, then spends the morning making stages, setting up costume changes, and often makes programs for each audience member.  Sometimes we even hosts honored guests of baby dolls and stuffed animals to fill the seats.
With a carefully thought out production (or orders called out on the fly) we are all given our roles of participation.  Announcer/audience member (usually my role),  helper dancer (her younger brother), and the main dancer girl (that would be Ava).

She has it all figured out, and we are all so pleased to be part of the show.  Well, maybe one thing still to work on... the ending.  Wrapping it all up. These performances can last a very long time, as she is five and doesn't really get tired. 

Here's to all of us finding a chance to move just for the love of movement!

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heather said...

wow...that shirt just screams out..I am a star!!!! what a fantastic sister you have..hehe

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