Mar 1, 2011

Silent Bikes...

My children Love the front yard, as I've mentioned before.  I think it must feel like an unexplored territory, one that they need permission to enter.  I open up the windows, and doors, and then give them as much privacy as I can.  I can monitor their activity with the sounds of bikes, usually.  But sometimes the bikes go silent. This is a time when I walk the motherly line between high alert, and quiet observation. Often this is the time when the best things happen. 

On this golden afternoon curiosity thwarted my silent intentions.  What were they up to?  They were working so hard, I just had to know.

 Making new wind chimes, of course.  A recent wild wind had blown an old wooden chime out of a tree.  He climbed the tree and tried to make the necessary repairs.  She combed the earth looking for new materials that The Fairies might enjoy.

 Her final choice of materials were bean pods tied with wire and string.  And he?  Well, he didn't fall out of the tree, so I call his endeavors a success.

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Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

beautiful. My monkeys love to ride their bikes and play outside- Unfortunately my older son's bike was stolen last weekend- he left it outside- Good thing he has a scooter.
Nice to meet you!

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