Mar 10, 2011

Y week wrap up....

This week in our school...

 We covered the letter Y...

In Poetry ....
We read (and colored) The Song of the Yellow Deadnettle Fairy, by Cicely Mary Barker.  Our 'month' poem, Robin, by Barbara Juster Esbensen continues to be delightful.  Ava now pantomimes Robin, and while I haven't asked her to, I am sure she could recite it (if not all of it) by now.

This week's theme... 
is nocturnal life.  A great theme to inspire late night walks.  We haven't been able to keep everyone up late enough for our dark walks yet, but we plan to!  We read Nocturne, and Owl Moon, both by Jane Yolen.  I LOVE these books.  Both are soft, beautiful stories about discovering the world around you at night.  Creatures of the Night is a nonfiction photographic look at nocturnal creatures all over the world from National Geographic, and I really love NG. 

With our hearts and minds full of the sights and sounds of night we tried an oil pastel technique with black paper.  The effect is very appropriate for capturing the feel of night.  I love each of our interpretation of black cat at night!
 My cat looks like it mated with a bunny.

 Ava has a lightning bug glowing on a leaf, an owl, and a black cat.

 I have big love for Cyrus's black cat.

In Math we...

~Continued to strengthen our skills partitioning 10
~Practiced sums to 10 by playing
          ~Addition Memory
          ~Go to the dump
Ava adores math games, and I love to watch her mind grow right before my eyes while we laugh and play.

In Science we...
Started a new science curriculum!  Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding, by Bernard J. Nebel.  I am SO excited about this.  I seriously want to gush to anyone who will listen about how perfect this curriculum is, but as we just started it (officially) this week, I will save my review for another date.  I will say that this appears to be the perfect solution for our family.  I think that as a society, we place far too little importance on scientific exploration.  (I thought these things before I married a scientist)  In our first lesson this week we are working towards...
~recognition and use of Organize, Organization, and Category(ies)
I think I am going to spend another week working with these principles.  Its the very foundation, and I'd like us to be firm.

In Art Study....

We explored The Snail, by Heni Matisse.  This painting was voted as the most silly.  (personally I kind of love Matisse)  I think Ava really enjoyed this painting.  Its hard to find the snail, and even harder to take it seriously.
Who guessed that it was this big?  I was shocked when I saw the size and scope of the painting.  Oh Matisse.

This was a great week for us.  Lots of math games, and an overall sense of being back on track!  Ava seems to have suddenly grasped the concept of reading a calender, which was pretty cool.  I really love (I'll say it again) being able to be there and watch when those "ah ha!" moment happen.  Its so magical, so special.

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