Mar 22, 2011

Rhythm of our Kindergarten School Day

 This rhythm is the back bone of our day.  Somedays we follow it pretty closely, others not even a little bit.  It works for me to have a plan laid out.  I like to have a sense of where I would like to be in my day.  This is by no means a rule, or a reason to stress.  This is something that just works for me.

5-6am   kids wake up
5:30      Matt wakes up
7:00      kids breakfast
             play time
8:00      I wake up
             ~make beds
            ~ready for day
               -brush teeth
               -brush hair
               -get dressed/ put away pjs
9:00    Morning Circle time
           ~ lesson time
10:15  House Love (made up term for cleaning)
10:30  Quiet time/ Snack time
12:00  Outside time/ Garden time
1:00    Lunch
2:00    Creative Time  (art, or baking project)
3:00    Afternoon Circle time  (lasted about a month)
3:30    Free time
4:30    Dinner
5:00    Brush teeth/ bath time
5:30    Bedroom time
6:00    Matt home
          ~special time (story time)/ snack time
7:30   Sleep time

( I haven't published this before, for fear of looking like a control freak.  If that's what this looks like, let me assure you that it's 3:23pm and I haven't even brushed my teeth.  That's my kind of normal.)

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