Feb 28, 2011

'tis the season....

 In Arizona, and in Florida baseball season has begun.  Its Spring Training time, and man do we need to get my boy to a game!   Recently I found Cyrus playing his own game of baseball.  Hitting the ball across the yard, throwing bat in triumph, running in a wide circle, finding the ball, finding the bat, and starting over again.  Back and forth, back and forth.

(He wasn't thrilled about my photo shoot)

I am in awe at his natural born sense of hand-eye coordination.  (He so didn't get that from me)  I love his determined stride.  I envy  how he loses himself in his self created imaginary world.  I could watch that satisfied smile of his as he successfully hits the ball all day long.  What an adorable little guy.


Anonymous said...

He is SO adorable! It's just pictures and not a video, but you can really tell that he seems pretty good at it already! And lucky you for living South where your kids can be barefeet outside... we're buried in snow and it's calling for more snow all week, so enjoy your warm weather for me ;)

Grace said...

Love that he is playing barefoot too. Have fun!

heather said...

i really think you should come to my house so he can play with his baseball loving cousin and uncle...:)

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