Mar 8, 2011


(alternative title... Another reason I love weeds!)

My children made a grand discovery the other day.  You can use weeds to paint the walls!  They were so proud of themselves in that moment.  They "found a new way to paint!" they exclaimed.  I can almost remember discovering this very thing with dandelion weeds when I was young. 

  And this is what being a mother is all about.  Playing witness to these small moments that are so filled with excitement, and creativity.  Moments fueled by a natural desire to explore, and a wide world (backyard) to behold.

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cmp said...

That is so great! I have memories of writing with weeds as well...probably sometimes with you! :)

(I also have a memory of being at Terrace park in elementary school and being scandalized by all the bad words written on the picnic benches. I don't remember if it was with you or with JR, but whoever it was, we figured out we could use lemons to rub out some of the words and we were so proud of "cleaning up"

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