Mar 15, 2011

A Bubble Story...

 Waterfall Lady Falling down
With thousands of bubbles in your crown.
Laugh your bubbles round and cool
Big and small into the pool.
Bubbles, bubbles , floating down the stream....
Bubbles, bubbles, tell your rainbow dream.

This is a story about a bubble, a little bubble.  In fact it was the littlest bubble ever seen.
     "I am so small," the littlest bubble whispered as he left his bubbly waterfall mother and floated down the stream with all the other bubbles.  "Look at my bubble brothers and bubble sisters, they have big rainbow dreams.  My rainbow dream can hardly be seen."

     The bubbles floated down the country stream, past green willows and grass rushes, past large brown cows, past platypus burrows and rabbit furrows, around hills and through valleys.  On and on until they came to the edge of a green field.  They heard the voices of children who were picnicking in the shade of a tree.

     "Look," a boy called out, "bubbles!  Let's catch them."
     "Bubbles!" called out he other children, and they jumped up and ran to the edge of the stream:
           "Bubbles, bubbles the biggest bubbles ever seen, 
            Bubbles, bubbles and here we catch a rainbow dream."

     Soon all the big bubbles were gone.  They were no more than a wish in the children's hand, no more than a rainbow for the children to take to dreamland.
     And what about the littlest bubble?  The children had not seen him, the children had not caught his rainbow dream.  Sot there he was, all alone, floating down the stream.

     "Why," he thought, "I am so little and so I did not get caught." On and on he floated, until the stream reached the sea.  And there the waves took him out into the blue far out where the sea-fairies danced and played.

     One sea-fairy was busy stirring a pot of pearl when the littlest bubble floated by, and his littlest rainbow dream caught the sea-fairy's eye.  "Just what I need to color my pot of pearl," the sea-fairy said.  And she picked him up and popped him in.  And with a this-way whirl and a that-way swirl the littlest bubble helped to make a pot of rainbow pearl.

written by S. Perrow

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betsy said...

I love the littlest bubble

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