Mar 14, 2011

Gratitude Mondays....

What I love today..... 

~ Very successful space shuttle birthday parties ....
(more on that later)

~Beautiful flowers that have a balance of orange to represent our almost four year old
 (It's his favorite color)

~Surprise gifts of store bought books so I don't have to wait my turn in the library holds list!

~A little girl who asked me to look up the meaning of her daughter's names so she can know their symbols.... 
(Lucy= light, Sue= lily, and Ava is wonderful) 

~A baby who who raises his voice after I do...
(its hard to stay mad when you are carrying a baby parrot around) 
(yes, yelling is bad bad bad)

~A boy who looks so much like his father...
(more on that later)

~A partner who worked so hard to make our boy's birthday party the sucess that it was
(and buys me thoughtful flowers, guilty pleasure books, chocolate cookies, and favorite beer!) 

Here's to a new week!
  I'm starting it with thee kids with fevers. 
Is this what its like to have school aged children?! 

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