Mar 24, 2011

Spring Gratitude...

I've mentioned this before, I love to watch the natural differences between my boy and my girl play out.  They both set out to embrace Spring.  Not with words, but through their joyous action their intent is clear.  Spring is here, and they are thrilled.  There is something magical about each season, but admittedly Spring is one of the best.

Found a quiet place to make a magical crown, wand, and bracelet to complete her transformation into the Spring Fairy.  A lovingly crafted, detailed story goes along with her new persona.  Creation, beauty, grace.

Found a tree with out thorns that can hold his weight and climbs.  His goal is simple and pure. Shaking the limbs as he rises, laughing out loud.  Shouting the world "I'm so high, I'm touching the sky!!!"  Conquering, powerful, Joy.

Thank you Spring.

(yes that is orange nail  polish on his nose.  He had spent the morning impersonating an external fuel tank of a space shuttle.  obviously.)

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betsy said...

Did I get that for him!! Your kids are soo easy to shop for!!

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