Jun 15, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #30

This week in first grade.....

 In Poetry..

Our poem of the month is coming along.  You can tell that it's been a while since Ava's been asked to memorize a poem, but she's getting it.
I like our poem of the week so much this time that I'm going to have Ava help me choreograph it for next year's circle time.  Possibly add an art project to go with it.  I'm picturing something with moon cycles, black paper and white/yellow chalk.  hmmm.

Lady Moon
Oh Lady Moon, your horns point to the East;
Shine, be increased!
Oh Lady Moon, your horns point to the West;
Wane, be at rest!

In Social Studies....
Going with the idea that exploring our new area is creating a sense of stewardship,  this weeks park day with one of the local homeschool groups is now Social Studies!
Located in Berkeley's historic Tilden Nature Area, you'll find The Little Farm.  This place is pretty amazing, the entire East Bay Park system is fantastic.  In the few hours we were here we visited the Nature Center, fed the farm animals, played in the eucalyptus forest,  and hike to a small lake to watch the turtles.  So cool.  We will definitely be coming back.

In Art..
You know the feeling when you are just itching to learn and try something new?  That's Ava right now. (now, and usually)  She has a strong interest in learning to knit, and since I haven't taught her yet, she just improvises.  Finding a way to fulfill her crafting desire, she came up with the idea of weaving a strawberry basket with yarn until it was something beautiful.  She did all the planning, and creating, I just added some of my yarn, and took the pictures. 

In Math We... 
~showed that the order of adding numbers does not matter
~practiced adding more than two numbers
~mentally add 2 digit numbers using several methods
~mentally adding 2 digit numbers with sums over 100
~played two kinds of games reinforcing adding more than two addends

Another good week behind us.  We worked a lot in the grass this week, which had it's advantages, and it's draw backs.  Sol loved this idea.  This wrap up is missing a few of my usual categories because I kept things pretty simple. (and because we were so busy outside of the house)  Math, spelling, phonics, poetry, reading, writing, and art made the cut, the rest was set aside until next week.  But, then again, next week is pretty full of exciting adventures,  so we'll see.  These last three weeks may just be lean.  That's cool with me.


Phyllis said...

A lovely week, as always.

See Jamie blog said...

Love the farm photos, and that purple yarn is beautiful!

Leah C said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like a good week.

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