Jun 26, 2012

Pirates and Mermaids


Ahoy Matey!  Recently we took our family to the 6th annual Northern California Pirate Festival.   To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about glorifying pirates.  I see very little redeemable qualities, and I have trouble answering questions with out enlightening my children to a very violent truth.  With all that in mind, I still thought that this could be a fun, free event for my family.

There was engaging music, delicious arrays of food, cold drinks, truly fantastic costumery, and a glimpse into a sub culture that I had no idea was so active.   



And then there was the Mermaid's Tank.  Oh my.  Three mermaids swam about, playing, handing out treasures to a precious lucky few.  Ava was so silent, I wasn't sure she was even paying attention.  Of course she was paying attention.  She was planning her own mermaid world that she'd take home with her.

And so today, and for the past few days, and for many days to come, we have out own mermaid in our home.  There's swimming about, special events, little treasures, and a complex society.  It's pure Ava magic.

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heather said...

simply breathtaking...:)

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