Jun 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up #29

This week in first grade...

In Poetry..
 Our poem of the month is a sweet poem about dragonflies.  I don't think it will take her long to memorize this one.
Our poem of the week The Sun, is a verse that speaks of the sun's strength and life.

In Social Studies....
In my original plan for social studies this trimester was supposed to be spent talking about Ava's place in her community.  That plan has been scratched, and now we I really don't have a social studies plan for the rest of the year.  This week what I'm calling social studies is really probably more science, but, well, I don't care.

As part of our getting to know our new area (that's like social studies right?) we ordered a few books and field guides.

Ava was quick to run to our backyard to see what she could identify.
She was pretty thrilled with herself that our big tree is a Redwood, as she had thought. 
She was also pretty excited to learn the name of the orange flower we have growing.
California Poppy is something that we see growing wild all around us, and now we know it's name.   She had been calling it Morning Glory, because it blooms in the morning and closes in the evening, even after it's been picked.

In the Kitchen..
We got a very fancy new blender this past weekend.  Matt makes yogurt and fruit smoothies every morning (our breakfast, the kids snack), and now the kids and I have been making fruit and veggie smoothies in the afternoons also.  So so so good.  And, it's made working leafy greens into my babies daily diet super simple.  Also, this is going to take popsicles to a whole knew level.


In Art..
I wasn't sure what to do for "art" this week.  I usually try to have it correspond with whatever we are working on in social studies, but as I mentioned above, that's not exactly happening.  Wednesday morning I was reading this blog, and knew right away that my kids would Love this project.  So it's just what we did. (and they did love it)

In Science We..
We reviewed Distinguishing Materials.  Metal, Plastic, Wax, Wood, Clay, Glass, Rubber, leather, Fibers.

Sol loved this lesson.
But he should call his lesson
"what things are sharp?"
"what things are small enough to fit in my ear?"

In Math We... 
~mentally added two digit numbers
~partitioned a number into three parts
~practiced adding several numbers together
~added equations to her math journal
~learned a new game "On the Number"

This week definitely feels like the beginning of the end of the school year.  Maybe I should be concerned?  I'm not.  We still have three weeks left, and that's cool with me.  We accomplished a lot this year.  Social Studies has suffered this trimester (who am I kidding?)  year, but I'm really not going to lose sleep over that.  Ava has learned SO much in first grade.  It feels good to be so close to finishing this year.  It's exciting to know we are going to be trying on new challenges next year.  
Also, I want to point out that I'm totally aware (even if no one else is) that this wrap up should be called #29, but I'm calling it #30.  We aren't going to do a full 36 weeks this year, so what's it matter what name I call our weeks?  It says 30 on my calender, so I'm going with that!  Edit to say: Never mind all that.  I found the problem, and fixed it.  I guess I'm feeling different today!

As of today (Thursday) we are meeting with a homeschool group for the first time tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

Also, I decided to link up with Weird Unsocialized Homschoolers this week as part of their weekly wrap up!


Phyllis said...

She has learned much, hasn't she? It has been fun to watch! She looks so much older, too! I love your poetry study and your neighborhood study!

See Jamie blog said...

Beautiful kids!
I love the hands-on projects, and I agree with your daughter that it's exciting to finally identify plants or trees that we have around!

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