Jun 21, 2012

Second trip around the sun

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby sunshine.
Your favorite songs are "Happy Birthday to You", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and "Sleep Baby Sleep"
You love your family.  You call Ava "A-ha", and Cyrus is "Kah-Key"
You like all food, but you don't like to eat alone.
You love to explore.
Very little scares you.
You call strawberries "doo-das"
You call shoes "dee-does", and tennis shoes "tenna-dee-does" and boots are "boots"
You always mix and match your shoes
You love fruit, and carbs.  Apricots are "apple-cocks"
You aren't fond of falling asleep, and try to avoid it when possible.
You love playing in the water. (showers, baths, washing your hands)
You are very silly, and make everyone laugh.
I love you.
We all love you.

 Sol's journey
June 2011- June 2012


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leaner said...

He is looking so much like a big kid! Oh my!

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