Jun 2, 2012

Continent Boxes

One of our most popular tools we use at home are our continent boxes.  These boxes offer a multi sensory trip around the world.   

 Boomerangs, Aboriginal dot purse, stuffed koala, postcards, animal cards, children of the world cards, coins, large flag sticker, shark stickers, flag cards, travel brochures, famous places cards, and Are We There Yet?, by Alison Lester

 Russian nesting dolls, Icelandic dressed doll, lace handkerchief from Brugge, Bulgarian juniper berries,  Italian coral horn charm, Eiffel Tower, Children of the World Cards, postcards from Venice and France, travel brochures, famous places cards, flag cards, envelope from Lithuania, Coins from France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, and some Euros.

South America:
 Flag cards, famous places cards, snake stickers, wood mask, Amazon River Dolphin, Peruvian mama, children of the world cards, animal cards, and Where We Live- Brazil, by Donna Baily

North America:
Coins from: Cuba, Jamaica,  Canada, Mexico, and USA.  $2 bills, USA Animal cards, North American Wild Pieces of Nature Matching Game, Children of the World cards, Canada by David F. Marx, Animal Cards, Little Indian Girl Paper Dolls, 50 states puzzle, famous places, animal pages, stamp stickers, candy from Mexico, tiny Amish doll and cart, Grand Canyon key chain, Arrowhead necklace, native beaded bracelet,  polar bear, grey wolf, sea lion, leopard shark, flag cards, Flute Player- Apache Folktale, Squamish eagle letter opener.

 Penguins ABC, Whales by Melvin and Gilda Berger, penguins and whales, penguin collage.

 Egyptian Papyrus, South African handmade beaded doll, children of the world cards, animal cards, famous places cards, flag cards, South African penguins, wooden elephant, coins from: Sierra Leone, and East Africa, animal pages, and Ashanti Tale- Anansi the Spider from Ghana.

 Famous places cards, flag cards, animal cards, children of the world cards, animal pages, star anise, nesting boxes from Sri Lanka, rice candy from China,  jaw harp, Chinese zodiac monkey stamp with ink, chiming balls, finless porpoise,  chopsticks, fan from Singapore, carved jade statues from India,  Tibetan silk horse, prayer rock, Thai magnet, white tiger, snow leopard, panther,  Coins from: Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Israel, Malaysia, and bills from China and Saudi Arabia

Obviously not a continent, but teaming with life and absolutely fascinating.
sea life animal cards, sea shells, sea sponge, oral, sand dollars, beach rocks, Pole to Pole y Barbara Taylor, blue play silks, and lots of little animals mostly from Sea World.
This box gets played with on a weekly basis.

Phylis of All Things Beautiful is hosting a History, and Geography meme this summer.  Thank you Phylis for your great blog, and all the wonderful ideas on Pinterest!


Phyllis said...

Your continent boxes are wonderful! I have never seen better ones.

Nicole said...

what a wonderful idea!
such a great way for the kids to learn through play.
where did you find everything ~ the coins, etc. any tips on creating these continent boxes?
thanks! warmly, nicole

Amanda said...

Phyllis~ Thank you, that is such a sweet thing to say. I need to get over to your blog and add my link.

Nicole~ Thank you. I really need to go back and edit this post to include that information. I didn't spend that much money on the boxes. Most of the items were gathered from around my house, and asking friends and family for help. Amazon, Target, and Cost Plus helped out also!

Debbie said...

Where did you get the Children of the World cards? You have a really nice collection for your boxes, and the ocean box is a neat idea, too.

Amanda said...

Debbie~ Thank you so much! I bought the cards from Amazon, but it looks like they don't have them right now. They are called ROYLCO Kid Around the World Flashcards. I did a quick google search, and I only found them available here


I'm sure other places carry them also.

Debbie said...

Thanks for looking that up for me. I'll check that link.

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