Jun 6, 2012

N~Z Alphabet Boxes Continued

Today I wanted to finishes our alphabet box photos. (see A-M here) Things get pretty abstract in this group. 

N: Nest, Nail, Needle, Nut (from a tree), and Nut (to go with a bolt)

O: Ocean, Octopus, Ornament, Ointment (ya, that one needs work)

P: Pearl, Penguin, Pine cone, Pumpkin, Parrot, Penny

Q: Queen, Quartz, Quarter, Quilt, Question

R: Rose, Ring, Red, Rock, Rabbit , and Ribbon (not pictured)

S: Sun, Star, Seashell, Snowflake, Snake, Sewing Machine

T: Turtle, Tree, Teeth, Toothpicks, Teddy bear, Triangle 

U: Uncle, Umbrella

V: Vegetables, Velcro, Velvet, Violin, Valentine, Vacuum 

W: Washboard,  Wood, Wheel, Wrench, Worm, Wool

X: X-ray, Xylophone, aX,  boX

Y: Yellow, Yarn, Ying Yang,  You! (a mirror)

Z: Zebra, Zero, Zig Zag, Zipper

This group included the only items that I bought for this project.  The ax, violin, and vacuum were purchased here as part of a larger order I was making anyway.  To be honest, looking for that link makes me want to buy a few more things...


Beth said...

Hi, Amanda,

This is a delightful alphabet exercise and as usually, beautifully photographed. Where is that beautiful place pictured in your header? I love it! Beth

Amanda said...

Thank you Beth, that's a super nice thing to say. The picture was taken at Muir Beach. It's about 16 miles north of San Fransisco. We just recently moved to the bay area and my family and I have really enjoyed exploring. There is so much to see and do here!

much love,

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