Jun 19, 2012


Summer is coming, and a new set of flowers are blooming.  This is very exciting news around here.  My babies monitor our flowers every morning, and throughout the day.  Each of them hopes to be the one who will notice a new development.  Every new change brings celebration.  These two flowers in our front yard, in particular receive special attention.  We've been monitoring their growth since around mother's day.  That's when we planted the Fuchsia,  and noticed the "snail grass" (we don't know what it's really called) was going to bloom.  Then the waiting began.  And then the waiting continued.


 Does anyone know what that plant is called?  It's very popular out here.  We see it everywhere we go.  Often in a purple, blue color.

The Fuchsia's were a special gift for me.  My grandmother always had these blooming in baskets by here doorway.   It means a lot that my children and I can share this basket together.  


If these flowers were a song, then this is still the build up.  We haven't hit the crescendo yet.  The big pay off is coming, and we'll be watching.  And we'll be waiting.  And we'll be sharing these moments together.  With each bloom, we build new memories.

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