Jun 5, 2012

Alphabet Box letters A~M

Last year I got very excited about the idea of using an alphabet box.  I'm pretty sure it was Counting Coconuts that got me started.  (but now I can't remember)  It was around the time that I was putting together my Continent Boxes.  Those were some raucous days.  Seriously.   Google Alphabet Box, and be amazed at all that is out there!   This week I was looking through our box drawers and discovered that a few things were lost in the move.  Rats!  This brings me to listing what I do have, and what I'd like to replace, which leads me to photographing the groups, and posting.  So.  Here we go.

There are several ways to "use" your alphabet box, we just play.  Next year when Cyrus starts kindergarten we'll bring out the letter of the week to have in a basket while we focus on that particular letter.  Simple simple simple.

I spent very very little money on this project.  Some of my objects are not perfect, they are either too abstract, or use the wrong sound.  For example I shouldn't use Giraffe for G, since it sounds like a J.  But I do.  At least for now. (When you see my use of 'mirror' for the letter Y, as in "You!", you'll get how creatively abstract I really got.)  I had so much fun running around the house taking apart toys and my old miniature collection.  Ava and I both got into making things.  Ava made things like the card, and flag and I made things like the apple, and insect card.

So here we have our super fun Alphabet Box~

A: Astronaut, Acorn, Alphabet, Apple, Allen Wrench

B: Bottle, Blocks, Bell, Bow, Bird, Button

C: Camel, Cactus, Candy, Candle, Car, Card

D: Dog, Dinosaur, Dolphin, Dime, Duck

E: Elephant, Egg, Earth, Elastic, Eraser

F: Flower, Five, Flag, Frog

G: Glass, Globe, Grape, Glue, Giraffe, Gold
 (gold= rock painted with gold bronze marker)

H: Hanger, Hen, Heart, Hand, Hat, Hotel/House

I: Insects, Iron, Ice, Ice Cream,  
 (ice= small plastic bag with clear beads)

J: Jet, Jade, Jewels, Jelly Belly, Jar, Jack O Lantern

K: Key, Kitten, Kite, Kettle

L: Lamb, Lamp, Light, Lion, Leaf

M: Man, Mushroom, Marble, Millepede,  Mittens
 (yep.  That's a little fertility idol for "man".  See?  Creative.)

 I took stickers, beads, toys, holiday decorations, wind chimes, toys, game pieces, shower curtain hooks, earrings and necklaces from my wild teenage years, craft kits, scraps of material, and thankfully I had a stash of 'miniatures'  that were treasures of my childhood.  The only things in this group that was bought for this project are the candy and ice cream push pins. (and those were a gift!)

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