Oct 7, 2009

What I love today

I like to write about things that I am grateful for, or love, on Mondays over at Facebook.  Its my tiny way of remembering to notice the positive and stay present within it on a day that might seem less than stellar.  Since I just decided to do this here also, I will start with Wednesday this week, and switch to Mondays from here on out for convenience.  Here's what I am loving this week...

1. Garden Goddess Consults! Thank you Tami
2.Halloween crafting, and candy 
3. Bad "dance changed my life movies' while sick 
4. A party throwing little girl, a head wound getting little boy, and a nurturing partner who takes over EVERYTHING when I am down, and then will watch said bad movies with me and.....
5. Not being sick!!!

here's to finding the simple pleasures that make our weeks fly by! 

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heather said...

Another thing i love....you! you are an amzing sister and beautiful human being! I am blessed to have you as my sister and friend!..Beautiful blog

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