Oct 28, 2009

In the spirit

Two weeks ago The Little Travelers reminded me of the Gratitude Dance.  I had seen and played the video for my babies in the past, but over time I just plain forgot about it.  Its a very silly (and rather aerobic) dance with the message that we all ought to remember to be grateful.  Everyday.   Imagine the wonderful results if we all took some time to be silly, and grateful, joyful, and happy for life everyday?

In the spirit of gratitude I made an inpromptu interview for my babies.  I started with Cyrus.  While on the phone with my sister we came up with a list of random questions.  We didn't honestly expect that my 2 year old would have answers to half of the questions....  Really, when will I ever learn to Not Underestimate Children?

Cyrus, age 2.5

What do you love?
Make daddy happy
What makes you happy?
Daddy makes me happy
What do you want for christmas?
What are you grateful for?
great carol?
(we need to use this word more often around the house...)

What's your favorite color?
What's your favorite song?
heart song
 (heart, in Cyrus language, usually means 'words' or 'letters', so this answer is anyones guess)
What's your favorite food?
Whats your favorite candy?
What's your favorite drink?
Ice water.  Cookies.  Big Cookies
What's your favorite animal?
(we so need a dog!)
Who loves you?
What's your favorite TV show?
What's your favorite book?
What's your favorite baseball team?
Do you have a favorite christmas present?
christmas present! yep!
What's your favorite color nail polish?
Anything else?
favorite sock
Thank you Cyrus!

Next up was Ava.  Same absurd questions, and some equally surprising answers.
Ava, age 5

What do you love?
what makes you happy?
get married and have a kitten
What do you want for christmas?
new toys for Fiona
(her kitten)
What are you grateful for?
wonderful family
What is your favorite color?
purple, white, blue
What's your favorite song?
Mama Mia
(she means the whole soundtrack)
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite candy?
tootsie rolls
What is your favorite drink?
Root beer! Root beer!  Root beer! I love Root beer!
(singing and dancing)
What is your favorite animal?
Who loves you?
What is your favorite TV show?
Little Bear
What is your favorite book?
Charlotte's Web
What's your favorite baseball team?
the ones at the baseball game
Do you have a favorite christmas present?
a plant
What's your favorite nail polish color?
purple sparkles
Anything else?
christmas lights
Thank you Ava!

I had such a great time asking them these questions.  Its so much fun to get a glimpse of how their minds work, I am going to have to think of more reasons to interview them!

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