Oct 21, 2009

The looooong weekend

A few weeks ago my family embarked on a long weekend.  We headed first to Tucson to visit my mother, and of course to enjoy her hot tub!

 We had dinner at Govinda's, one of my all time favorite places.  Every time we go here they serve the very best food.  Food that makes your soul feel good.  The atmosphere is so peaceful.  They have a tranquil meditation garden with peacocks, and a large koi and turtle pond.

 We cheered for the Tucson Pride Parade.  Next year they plan to be in it.  Imagine the fun of throwing out the candy...  My mother and children are very excited.  We wrapped up our stay in Tucson with the annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival, or as I will refer to it TMY.

  TMY is an awesome venue with several stages for cultural presentations of music and dance.  The food booths are my favorite draw.  They offer seemingly endless varieties of food. My babies usually share a Pad Thia with a chicken satay, then maybe a strawberry juice.  Want to have some fried bananas, or plantains?  How about some Lumpia?  I honestly could happily spend the weekend sampling different cultural treats, but we had one more trip to make so this year we kept TMY to just one day.  I settled on a Spanakopita dinner, if your curious.

Our final destination was to travel 181 miles north to our dear friend's home in Verde Valley.  They threw a huge shindig with a large family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, to celebrate their two boys birthday.

 A long weekend of experiencing culture, tradition, food, religion, pride, diversity, families, birthdays, and celebrations.

Here's to an abundance of celebration and a few (maybe just a few) looong weekends for all of us.

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heather said...

long weekends with nummy food and good friends and family are the best times in life...i love your pictures...i love you

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