Oct 15, 2009

October Eighteenth

Five years ago this Sunday I was so sure I wasn't in labor.  I was so organized, so ready.  So sure I had every detail accounted for.  I was so unbelievably wrong.
I was completely unprepared for the paramount way you would change my life.
I brought you into this world with a labor that was thunder and lightning.
You brought the the calm after the storm.

For five years now we have grown together.
You have taught me more than I even knew I needed to learn.
In our journey to five I have been so blessed to watch you

Creative.  Clever.  Nurturing.  Imaginative.  Tender.  Loved.

 Here's to you Ava.  Thank you!  And happy 5th birthday my darling lamb. 


tomy said...

Happy happy day sweet girl, I'll call you, but sure wish I could SQUEEZE ya.

5 orange potatoes said...

Happy Birthday beautiful Ava!

Lisa :)

5 orange potatoes said...

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I think since you are reading Alice outloud, easy to edit, and should be Ok for Ava.

Have a lovely evening.


heather said...

Ava has been a magical beautiful addition in my life..I love being Ava's aunt..makes me happy

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