Oct 16, 2009

Friday's Nature Table

In Arizona, in the fall, I often find I have to make my own nature displays.  Its a common theme around here.  We don't have any of the typical deciduous trees in my neighborhood so when its time to make a new leaf garland we get out the craft supplies and make one ourselves.  This year Ava was able to put her own creative spin on our project.  She choose this beautiful blue to tie our leaves together, I don't think I would have made that choice, but in the end I am so glad she did!

With the most simple leaf shape I could draw for her, she cut and cut and cut and cut.  We have even more leaves than we ended using.  We will save those for future projects.  Ava decided that the sewing the leaves on part of the job was too time consuming and laborious, opting instead to punch the holes for me to thread.

Et Voila!  A new fall leaf garland to hang in our entry way!  As someone who grew up in the Pacific North West, I can honestly say that this garland is just as fall-ey as any one made by any child who knew what fall leaves look like first hand!

Here's to all of us finding ways to make art and nature come together in our homes!


The Magic Onions said...

That's lovely. I love her choice of yarn... I have that dilemma all the time. My kids choose something I wouldn't have chosen and I have to control my urge to make them change their choice to mine... Like you, it is always a gift to me to see how their choice was right after all! Guiding them to make their own choices is sometimes hard for me... Thank you for this post!
Blessings and magic.

Kelly said...

The blue yarn is a great choice! Lovely leaves!

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