Oct 8, 2009

An Edible work in progress

Our backyard is a giant blank slate.  A three year procrastinated work in progress.  In January we started our official landscaping with the inspiration that we could have an edible backyard.

Thanks to Greg with The Urban Farm we started with Lemon, Lime, and apple trees, plus 4 types of grape vines.  Throughout the year we have added things here and there.  We tried squashes and pumpkins, but ended up mostly with gorgeous vines for the white flies and squash bugs to eat.

We did have much better luck with our watermelons, and potatoes and loved our sunflowers.  The lavender, mint, hibiscus, bell peppers and tomatoes are still going strong!

Our next step in cultivating our land comes from the aid of our local Garden Goddess, and good friend Tami.  With her guidance hopefully by next year we will have a fully functioning landscaped, mostly completed edible yard.  We will be able to harvest everything we grow, except for the small patch of grass!

Please visit Path to Freedom for more inspiration!   Here's to hoping we all can find inspiration to grow and cultivate more in our lives!

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