Oct 23, 2009

Friday's Nature Table

In our home there are two types of Nature Table.  One is mine, it changes at the start of each month, its seasonal and a place for me to reflect on the changing seasons through decorating.  The second is theirs.  Its flexible, sometimes changing frequently, sometimes staying the same.  They keep any holiday books that apply to the season, seasonal felt crowns, an antler from a deer, and a basket for small treasures found in nature.  Their table is completely their own, and I try to keep my hands off of it as much as possible.

Its on my table that you'll find our special specimen jar.  A jar reserved for our most tiny, and delicate finds. 

Right now we have two feathers that are so small we like to guess that they are cheek feathers, or maybe from a humming bird?


The other special find is the molted skin from a grasshopper.  Kinda creepy, and very cool. 

 The idea is too look at these delicate treasures, but not to touch...

 Easier said than done! 

Special thanks to The Magic Onions for bringing our nature tables together!
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