Oct 26, 2009

Gratitude Mondays

I love....

A Trip to the Library......

It is serious business I tell you, or it can be, for me.  For me its lists of beautiful children's picture books to find, all seasonally appropriate.  All sure to enrich their lives.
For them, its something completely different, and oh so perfect.  After they have found their prize book for the day, they....

 ~explore the walls of games

~go for a walk with the ducks 

 ~Find a brave sense of peace at being five.  You may not be able to climb the tree, but its not so scary once you're there 

~or you may start to wonder if you were more comfortable on the ground after all

~exploring all the teeny tiny treasures to be found on the nice safe flat ground

My experience may not be the same as theirs, if I didn't have them to show me how to see a trip to the library.  I am so grateful for them.  They make life so sweet, I wonder if anyone else's life work is so rewarding? 

Here's to all of us finding the peace that comes so sweet with life! 


5orangepotatoes said...

Loving the honeybee picture. I am obsessed with the bee family and can never resist photographing them on flowers. I'm kind of the same way with ladybugs!

Beautiful blue sky and beautiful day!


Amanda said...

Thank you Lisa! Its one thing you can almost always count on, a bright blue sky in Arizona!

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