Oct 27, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Comes....

In our house Halloween seems to become something larger every year.  Decorating for the season, and the   costumes built from, or to add to our treasure chest of dress up.  We aren't ready for anything too spooky.  We do have Sage, the kind gargoyle who chases away nightmares, or "Bee Monsters" (a particularly wild invention of Ava's, I should have her draw them for you someday) that we got so Ava could sleep peacefully in her own room.  You will also find our friendly ghosts made from white sheets, added last year to haunt our front yard.  That is what Halloween looks like to me.  Memories built upon the years before, or passed on from friends and family. 

The purple jack-o-lanterns from my mother, the candle made by Ava, the toilet paper bats we made when Ava was three, hand painted porcelain pumpkins from the 1970's gifted to our family from an old friend, the garlands over every surface; some paper, some fabric, needle felted pumpkins, fresh pumpkins for painting, gluing, carving or baking, pumpkin pie spice for our play-dough, wax paper leaves, glue ghosts necklaces, and we mustn't forget the bonus of the season... big overflowing bowls of apples, squash and pomegranates!

Halloween is fast approaching.  The excitement is building everyday.  My babies may be too young to care much about trick or treating, but they know its coming.  Around here when something is coming, anything is coming, and when that something involves costumes and candy to add to their dish....  Well that is just pretty awesome.

Crafting, costumes, and candy. Memories.  Folks, that is my kind of holiday!


Matthew said...

I would love to see the Bee Monsters!!

heather said...

your house is so completely wonderful to walk through..everything has a story! I love it ...I love you

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