Oct 20, 2009

Ava's Birthay Weekend

We had Ava's fifth birthday party this weekend.

We decided not to have it at home for a number of reasons.  Two of them being that  1. Five is such an iconic year, and 2.  (possibly my biggest factor) our "work in progress" back yard is a MESS.  We chose The Farm for our location, mentioned previously here.  (that's my first time linking to an older post!  Remember the week before last?  Ahhh memories

Nestled in old pecan groves we decorated picnic tables and served cake and lemonade.  The cake was amazing, I was completely shocked by how beautiful it was.  Topped with large swirls of white and milk chocolate and overflowing with fruit.          

 Ava, and her cousin Sam (visiting from California) helped me roll five little birthday candles for her cake, they fit in so perfectly         

The kids ran and danced and rolled beeswax candles.

The gifts were lovely and thoughtful mix of hand made toys, dressup, and craft supplies.  Perfect for my growing girl.  Her friends each took home a cloth wrapped bundle filled with their candle, and honey sticks tied with ribbons.

Ava's dress was pinned with an antique broach from my grandmother. It is very special to me to share this with her.  On the ride home Ava declared in a sleepy voice that it was the "best birthday party ever".  A true success.

Sunday on her 'actual' birthday we enjoyed a large breakfast to send off our out of town house guests.  In the afternoon we had a lovely adventure in our neighborhood park while Matt fixed Ava's favorite lunch, Mac-n-Cheese.  For dinner Ava helped Matt make her most favorite meal, risotto, while Cyrus helped me make the cupcakes, and chocolate frosting.  We lit the candles on her birthday ring and officially adder her 5th charm.  A honey bee.  She finished her evening giving he brother a lesson in sewing using her new kit, and book.

Here's to all of us finding the magic of a five year old in our lives!


The Artful Parent said...

What a beautiful and special birthday! You have a lucky 5-year-old. -Jean

heather said...

What a wonderful weekend...i love you

Amanda said...

Thank you Jean, and Heather. It was a beautiful day, and she is a beautiful girl! Next year.... Fairy Birthday!!

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