Oct 9, 2009

Friday Nature Table

Halloween Fall Blessing
By Ava, age 4

Autumn starts when trees lose their leaves and leaf garlands come out.
When trick or treat brings you candy,
when spiders webs go on trees,
and scarecrows come to farmers
when butterflies leave.

Watercolor picture to accompany the blessing that Ava wrote for our lunch table.  Complete with Jack o lantern, bats, ghosts, full moon, and stars.
Can I ever express how much I LOVE her art?  Water colors and poems for our table?  All her idea?  Oh my sweet baby goodness!

Thank you to The Magic Onion for bringing together all of the Friday Nature Tables!
Here's to hoping we all find some art and poetry in our lives this season!


The Magic Onions said...

You post is so sweet... I feel like that too! My children amaze me constantly. And I love the Fall blessing... we'll be saying that for sure!
Thank you SO much for sharing on Friday's Nature Table.
Blessing and magic.

Kelly said...

Your daughter's blessing and painting are simply delightful! Those are for keeping forever. Best wishes

heather said...

what a beautiful picture..I love love love the ducks...I love you!

Amanda said...

Thank you ladies! I appreciate the wonderful compliments to Ava's poetry, and art. She is a blessing in herself.

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