Oct 31, 2011

Peter and The Wolf, and the Meadow Fairy...

Tonight's costume-y fineness...

We have Peter and The Wolf from the well loved ballet.  And did you know that in every meadow there lives a Meadow Fairy?  Our resident fairy expert pointed this out, and our family theme costume was born.

 The Wolf:

The Meadow Fairy:

Happy Halloween!!!


cmp said...

Yeah! Those are great costumes!

suzanne said...

Dear Amanda

So lovely to see your little ones working and loving what they do. I just LOVE homeschooling..especially when you see that your children are just so happy. Your costumes look ever so sweet. I just love the fairy wing idea. I must remember to place petals on ours. I hope your Autumn has greeted you with some cozy days. Such a lovely Season. Spring has brought such a lovely spead of flowers through our garden. many of them self seeded.

Well have a wonderful day and thank you for Olivia's Birthday greetings.

Lots of love to you

The Barefoot Crofter said...

beautiful children and costumes. I hope you all had a lovely day. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful costumes, the kids totally bring them to life!! Wonderful..love to all. Steph

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