Oct 25, 2011

Much and Much-ier Enough...

I sometimes often wonder if there is something *more* that I could be doing.
Could I help our homeschool (and life) experience be more *much-ier*?
Should I have a special box of things just for the baby?
Is the baby getting his needs met while I work (and play) with the others?
What exactly does he do all day anyway?
I was going through my October photos this afternoon and this is what I found.

 He's here with us. 
Every day, in every way, in every thing.
There are some activities I try to plan while he naps.
There are many activities I do with him in my arms.
I combine nursing and reading a lot.
I believe we are going to be more than okay.
We will be are much-ier indeed.

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Phyllis said...

Oh, my goodness, Amanda! He is so adorable.
Just stopping by to let you know that we finished our geography pages on your post cards today and I posted about it.

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