Oct 6, 2011

5 years ago

I'm very very tired today.  The kind of tired that doesn't want to find my camera, load the photos and write an original blog post.  Instead I'll tell a story.  A true story.

Around 5 years ago Ava was freshly two.  She was a very clever little girl, she still is today.  I set her up with a plate of paint, and some paper while I laid my very pregnant self down to rest on the couch.  A few quiet minutes later Ava calls to me.
"Mama?  Could you bring me a warm wet washcloth?"
She was a very eloquent freshly two year old girl with a lisp that was so insanely cute.
"In a few minutes, Ava"  I said, in hopes to lay for a little longer.
"Mama?  I think I have just a little bit of paint in my eye."
"Alright Ava, let me help you."
Expecting just a little bit of paint.....

"I painted my face mama!"

Yes she did.


leaner said...

Those are the days that make my heart swell. I love my baby but I LOVE love love love 1-3 year olds. I love their minds.

Anonymous said...

" I think I have a little bit of paint in my eye.."!!!! This story is priceless! Thanks so much for sharing, Amanda! Love Steph

Betsy said...

I remember that day! Sweet baby

mrana said...

That's so sweet, thanks for reminding me of that two year old.

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