Oct 4, 2011

Autumnal Blessings...

This week we made Autumn blessing cards to use before meals.  I chose a traditional poem that I really like, and my children each wrote something new.  We decorated the card stock using our new favorites, the water color crayons.

Fall is when the leaves turn red, golden, orange, and brown.
When the weather turns cold
When the trees lose their leaves
When the days grow shorter, nights grow longer.
It's harvest season.
Blessings on our family.

Ava Rana
almost seven

Seasons of the Year
Autumn in Orange
Summer is Yellow
Spring in Green
Winter is White.
Thank you for the seasons.

Cyrus Rana
age four and a half.

Oh my goodness I love them.


homemaderainbows said...

And watercolour crayons?! I must track some down!

Anonymous said...

can you homeschool me, too, Amanda? ; ) Love ya-Steph

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